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HYDERABAD: Military college develops AI-based gadget to alert the driver from sleepy.

The AI-based gadget Accident Prevention System developed for pilots or drivers has been handed over to the TELANGANA government for considering its due in the civil.

Hyderabad-based Military College of Electronics and Mechanical Engineering developed a gadget using Artificial Intelligence to prevent accidents by blowing an alarm if the pilot or driver is found drowsy.

The AI-based gadget is fitted to the dashboard of a vehicle uses sensors to scans the eyes of the driver and blows an alarm if found closed for a certain time. MCEME believes that it can prevent accidents for drivers' negligence.

This prototype and technology were recently handed over by Lieutenant General TSA Narayanan, Commandant, MCEME, and Colonel Commandant Corps of EME to Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary to the IT, Industries, and Commerce, Telangana. Sundeep Kumar Maktala, President of Telangana Information and Technology Association (TITA), was collaborated with the Military College of Electronics and Mechanical Engineering.

Ranjan, during the event they decided to evaluate this project to all heavy vehicles and discussed to Regional Transport Authority (RTA) to consider the application.

The spokesperson said that it is very small and portable and fits the dashboard of a vehicle.

Connected to the battery of the vehicle and consume minimum power from the battery. It monitors the facial expressions of the person and if found sleepy, it raises an alarm and alerts the co-driver, and also gives alerts to the superior through the mail.

The system works during the daytime and nighttime.

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