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"MANAS MITRA", The Mental Health App is launched by Pune and Bengaluru

Pune-based armed forces medical college(AFMC) and NIMHANS, Bengaluru have launched a pilot version of an app called MANAS MITRA, which is helpful for mentally ill patients.

 All age group people can use this app from their homes themselves. But this app is not yet ready, It may take some time to undergo field trials.
Currently not available for public usage.


 This app is about Mental health. It was Launched Tuesday virtually by Prof K VIJAY RAGHAVAN, Principal scientific advisor (PSA) 

 to the Government of India. The pilot version of this app is MANAS Mitra( Mental Health And Normalcy Augmentation System).

Both the Pune-based-Armed Forces Medical College(AFMC) and National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro-Science(NIMHANS), Bangaluru.

Bengaluru center developed this application from the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing(CDAC). A mission mode initiative led by the office of PSA.

Prof K Vijay Raghavan Shared that, In this pandemic situation people are forced to attend online (virtual) than offline(direct).All people

without the age group spends more time on screen with feedback available, there are issues of health being raised.


The principal scientific advisor said it must be integrated with all public health schemes like National Health Mission, Sanjeevani, Poshan

Abhiyan, Arogya sree, and also other schemes are widely used in India. It also said to use multi-language options for all people over India can understand easily and effectively.

The executive director CDAC-Bengaluru, S D SUDARSHAN told " this app can be used for person's overall health condition and teleconsultation and is especially for mental health-related problems. It also provides health tracking and data records will be provided up to date, which is used for future consultation. we can do all these things from our comfort zone through mobiles. This intervention can help the policy developers in understanding the health of users". Although, this app is still to undergo field trials and currently not available for the public. It will be a good platform for all age groups of people to know their health conditions in this pandemic situation.

Currently, the app identifies only two age groups,

15-20 termed as MannMarg

20-25 termed as YoungISTAN

To validate this app it must go through field trials over the next 100 days.

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