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J(Bob)Balaram,the IITIAN behind NASA helicopter that flew on mars.

IIT Madras graduate J(bob)Balaram is the chief engineer of NASA's 'ingenuity' helicopter that flew on mars on Monday. He also worked on landing methods for mars and also for planetary entry, descent, and landing. The helicopter carried a small piece of cloth that will cover one of the wings of the Wright brother's first aircraft.

Helicopter weights  1.8kilogram, rotorcraft lifted at 3:34am Eastern Time(0734GMT),height  10feet,swiveled its tissue-box-sized body, images and information from flight were transmitted about 278million kilometers .NASA received this information through the antenna. The time period is three-and-a-half hours.

The Ingenuity Mars Helicopter was built by JPL(Jet Propulsion Laboratory), this technology is managed by NASA headquarters. j(bob)Balaram is the principal member and staff of NASA jet propulsion lab and  Mobility and Robotic Systems section.

 Balaram achieved two NASA awards and 8 new technology awards, has led design teams for developing Mars aerobot (aerial robot) perception systems, a deep-diving Venus balloon gondola concept, and balloon-carried imaging sondes for deployment at Venus, according to the space agency.

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