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IIIT Hyderabad: Unveils 'change over' drones to fit for the cargo size packages.


IIIT Hyderabad's robotic center researchers discover a working prototype of drones that fit the cargo size. These drones are flexible and change over according to the cargo size package.   

The man behind this prototype is a 24-years old robotic student Suraj Bonagiri said that currently all drone makers are focused on the weight of the packages and ignoring their sizes. Cargos come in various sizes and carry specific loads and forcible fitting. By concentrating on the size of the package we can reduce the instability, loss of efficiency, and compromise on security and safety.

It is rectangular shaped in structure, consists of 4  propellers with flexible chassis that don't cause mid-air turbulence with its adjustment.

Suraj named his design 'elastic copper. These flexible chassis act as a grip to the shape of a parcel to be lifted. With this method, the size of the package is centered and results in good battery performance.

Marketable research:

                     Suraj started his journey as an intern in RRC and then as a Master's. He always wanted to begin a startup.his professors helped with accessing resources and tools. Professor Krishna corroborates with Suraj and describes his passion and "he i an extraordinary student who wanted to innovate flying vehicles".

Creating a product:

                    Suraj with his idea approached  PRODUCT Labs. He enrolled in technology Product Entrepreneurship(TPE). According to Prakash Yalla head of Product Labs. His students want to come forward and build the products to lead startups.

Delivery And More:

                  Ramesh loganathan professor head of Outreach at IIITH said that material movements are the key cause for the drone design. According to him, in the future, all delivery companies will use these types of drones. These types of drones will use in our future agriculture for spraying pesticides, medical purposes, groceries deliveries, e-commerces.

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