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Is it possible to listen to someone's thoughts ?

Honestly now, have you thought to listen to someone's thoughts?
yes, it is possible by using an algorithm.

All people want a superpower like this.


what if I say that superpower is a possible thing? yes, it is no longer to see in movies
and this superpower will come into your life.

Scientists are working on it to produce speech from thoughts by processing the brain 

This research is started by the Zuckerman Institute at the University of Columbia.
They are trying to reconstruct the words that a person heard by monitoring the brain.

Smart assistants like Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa have similar technology that used in 
the algorithm called the "VOCODER".

Vocoder Technology:

The vocoder is an algorithm that produces human speech through analysis of speech.
Scientists taught that it recognize and translate the brainwave pattern into speech.
This is called "Brain-Computer Interface (BCI)" . It is bidirectional communication
between computer and brain. they both send and receive signals.

About the research: 

The team is lead by Doctor Nima Mesagarni partnered with neurosurgeon Ashesh Dinesh Mehta of Northwell Health Physician Partners Neuroscience Institute.
Researchers register the brain activity of epilepsy patients who were undergoing brain surgery. 
Scientists  measured the activity of five participants they listened to four-speaker 
for half an hour. 

"These recorded patterns were used to train the VOCODER to synthesize the human voice".


The sound patterns are the individual words synthesized from the brain activity are remarkably similar to the original, spoken sentences.

Even just when participants mouthed sentences but did not speak them out loud.

These results represent a critical first step towards one day restoring a paralyzed individual's natural rate of communication and, most importantly improving their quality of life.

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