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YouTube Studio Has New ‘Checks’ Feature For Protecting Content Creators.

 YouTube New Tool 'Checks': Which tell Creators About Copyrighted Issues Before they upload a Video.

'YouTube' rolled out with a New Tool called "CHECKS".

The main aim of this tool is to ensure that the creators are following the guidelines(or)Laws of copyright while they are uploading any content.

'CHECKS' give a complete explanation to the creator and warns about all the copyrighted issues if their video has any copyrighted post or any other and analyze with the advertising guidelines of the platform Before they upload any post or video.

Before this update(CHECKS), creators had no option of finding that their Videos contain any material which could lead to copyrights.

Presently, YouTube is upgraded and started checking with the 'content ID feature' which always Scans the videos from the database and immediately flags them in case of any copyrighted issue.

Creators while uploading a video must be so patient from now. Because CHECKS will scan the total video and it may take time around 10min to Half-an-hour depending on the size of the video. After the total analysis, it automatically says 'There are no errors', then we can able to publish the video or content. This helps our channel from getting banned by all these conflict issues.


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