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IIT Hyderabad researchers developed a Dual carbon battery alternative for lithium-ion batteries.

 Hyderabad April 05-2021:  Electrochemical Energy Storage lab at IIT Hyd, under the controller of  Dr. Surendra Kumar Martha(Associate Professor in Department of Chemistry), has developed a dual carbon battery (5v). Using self-standing carbon mats for both cathode and anode(electrodes). By using these batteries we can reduce the toxic, cost and huge transitional metals.

Nowadays all companies are not forward to dependent on fossil fuels. These rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are estimated to meet future electric vehicles, grig energy, and electric aviation to set up a plan within 2030. Lithium-ion batteries need so much toxic and metals like cobalt, nickel, manganese are too costly., for work.

Distribution of Lithium and cobalt along with geopolitics and immoral child labor centered on mining causes havoc fluctuations in raw material to cost. It also affects the market price of LIB's pack in electric mobilities. In the use of a dual-carbon battery both the electrodes consist of carbonaceous material and the ions from electrolyte intercalate,de-intercalate into the electrode matrix.

The dual carbon battery consists of zero transition metal and is eco-friendly. It may cut down all prices up to 20-25% in the market. These batteries are lightweight and have more flexibility. These batteries will generate an energy density of 100w hour per kilogram to 150w hour per kilogram.

 Carbon batteries are more sustainable and low cost-effective. The usage of these batteries for high voltage applications, for high-end medical devices, braking systemin electrical vehicles.

The researchers are  Mr. Shuvajit Ghosh and Ms. Udita Bhattacharjee, Ph.D. students at IIT Hyderabad, under the controller of Dr. Surendra K. Martha, in collaboration with Oak Ridge National Laboratory (USA) and Naval Materials Research Laboratory (Mumbai, India). Naval Research Board (DRDO) supported this project.



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