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OUR PRINT - India’s first online document printing service

"OUR PRINT" is one of the best apps come across in recent times. It is the first project which offers an online printing service to everyone and benefits especially students, Colleges(Lecturers), Educational training institutions, Lawyers, software Companies, CA's, and for any professionals, etc.

"OUR PRINT" was started in TELANGANA by 'Praveen' who is from kamareddy(Biknoor) and 'Gopi Krishna' from karimanagar(Linganapeta). They came up with a great solution for the problems they faced.


Everything is done by using advanced technology to print high-quality material at a very reasonable price.

There are separate subscription plans and we also get extra benefits: 


  • Unlimited Pages Colour, B&W, Multi Colour. Binding Configuration
  • Print multiple documents, multiple times
  • B/W or Colour
  • Spiral / Stapled / Loose copies
  • Low pricing compared to a home printer or Local shop.
Official Documents :

Customization of Covers. B&W and Colour. Printing Instructions.
  • B/w or Colour
  • Regular and Bond paper type
  • Ideal for Thesis / Project
  • Low pricing compared to home printer / Local shops

The process of operating this is very simple and easy

1)Upload Your Script

2)Easy Payment

3)Get it Delivered

Get OUR PRINT APP Through :

In Android: Google Play Store

In Ios: App Store

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