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RBI orders financial records of MOBIKWIK company after the company platform denies data breach issues.

The RBI has asked troubled digital payments firm "MOBIKWIK", which is facing 
any data breach issues, to get financial records of the company done without
any delay. the gurugram based firm has been claimed that its systems are secure, and there
is no data breach issues, a group of hackers said that they accessed around 
10cr "MOBIKWIK" customers data of both financial and personal data.

On Wednesday, RBI ordered an immediate financial record of the company by a certified auditor.
when contacted, the RBI person os refused to comment on the issue.
"MOBIKWIK" refused to give an answer to the query on whether the RBI has ordered financial records.
"We take security and privacy of our customers seriously and we are working with authorities on the conduct of the forensic audit," it said.



The regulatory diktat comes after the company contacted CERT-IN on the 
allegations, the source said that CERT-IN had shared a data leak sample with 
the company management, CERT-IN concluded that the sample does not belong to them.

"MOBIKWIK" had admitted to CERT-IN on March 1, that there was an unauthorized 
attempt to access its users facing  some applications programming interface associated to 
payment link generated through its platform.
on Tuesday, PTI received a mail from a hacker group named jordandaven. which 
had the link of the "database of over 9.9cr users personal and financial data"
hackers group has shared that the data of MOBIKWIK  founder Bipin Preet Singh
and chief executive Upasana Taku from the database.

"As soon this matter was reported, we undergo with the  investigation with the help of external 
security experts and did not find any evidence of a data breach allegations," Mobikwik had said on Tuesday.

"For our users, we reiterate that all your Mobikwik user accounts and balances are completely safe and secure. All financial sensitive data is stored in encrypted in our databases. No misuse of your wallet balance, credit card, or debit card is possible without the  OTP
 that only comes to your mobile number. We strongly recommend that you do not try to open any dark web/anonymous links as they could jeopardize your own cyber safety," it added.

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