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Do you know that you can track the delivery status of your Email?

Yes, We can check the delivery status of mails similarly as we are checking the status of messages in WhatsApp.

"Mailtrack" is an email tracking tool. It notifies you that your mails have opened or not, if opened how many times it is opened everything we can track by the pixel-based tracking system.

If it is showing a single tick it indicates Mail is not opened, Double tick indicates they have opened your mail and also says how many times it is opened.

It also uses an 'Incoming tracked email' indicator which informs you that your mails are being tracked.

The main goal of Mailtrack is to improve the communication between the several emails we receive and by also integrating notifications just like WhatsApp.

How is it possible?

It is just like a chrome extension if once it is installed it automatically integrates with mail and starts tracking your mails that you send.

This Mailtrack can be installed on Desktops and Mobiles:

We can install Mailtrack very easily on Desktop open chrome web store and search for Mailtrack and click on the install button.

We also have a mobile add-on that helps you in tracking your mails.

Is Mailtrack safe to use?

Mailtrack is completely safe to install and use. The application does not collect any personal data or transmit it anywhere. It stores only the information needed for proper service operation: email, IP address, time of installation, and country location. 

All information is stored on Mailtrack servers and used exclusively by us, except if you decide to opt-in to the Mailtrack partner program. To be able to use this feature you need to enable it from the settings page of your account "Mailtrack Platform" section.

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