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WordPress error: [fix]There has been a critical error on this website

WordPress error: [fix]There has been a critical error on this website

Here we are going to help you to fix the error in WordPress. When you are installing the plugin or theme you will get the error” There has been a critical error on this website” in some cases. You will get this error when the size of the memory is not enough.

When I am installing the Woocommerce plugin I got this error where memory is not enough for woocommerce.

Now I am going to share with you the easy process to fix this error “There has been a critical error on this website”.First when you got the error first go to Cpanel of server and login into Cpanel.

After opening the Cpanel go to the file manager where you can see a list of folders or directories, now open the public_html folder.

After opening the public_html directory you can see multiple folders and files. Now open the wp-includes folder.

When you open the folder you can see multiple files, now search for file “default-constants”.Now select the file and click on the edit button where you can find in the top bar.

After clicking on edit, you will get a popup,in this popup click on the edit button which is at bottom of the popup.

When you click on edit, an editor will open with the code, here be careful with the code, you may change the code accidentally. Now in the code to go to the” Define memory limits section”, where you will the memory limit of “40M”(probably in line 47)

Here we should increase the memory limit of 40M to 64M or more (128 recommended). After the changing memory limit now click on the save button and close the editor.  

Now refresh your site it will work. 

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