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Google Launches New Tools To Help Kids With Homework

Google-Search is a tool used for everything to know whatever we want. It is the best tool for all the kids to know the latest things, to solve many questions and to clear all their doubts or to complete their projects.

Students mostly use Google to solve their math problems, how to solve them and every student uses at the time of exams to prepare their notes and to prepare themselves and to interact with more new problems.

Now, Google wants to take this to the next level such that every kid can practice and clear all their doubts with a great experience.

Google revealed in their "New Blog Post" that it added 2 new features to Google-search:

1) Practice Problems.

2) Explainer feature for Math Problems.

These 2 features can test the student's ability to solve the problems of Math, Chemistry, and Physics.

In order to enable these 2 features kids need to just search for the Math problems or Chemistry problems like Electromagnetism Practice problems then immediately the page will redirect to open learning sources from ed-tech like Byjus, Careers360, Education quizzes, LIDO, and many more...It is also separating all the Math equations and problems by teaming up with Symbolab Mathway and Tiger Algebra.

Our second feature "Explainer Feature" comes into the role when any kid simply types any Math equation in Google-search or by using Google lens,  then immediately shows up with a detailed and proper step-by-step explanation.

By this, every kid benefits a lot and he can understand everything very clearly and properly in an effective way 

This is Google's new feature that excites and encourages all the kids.


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