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Is your phone dropped in water...? Then try this...

We all have gone through this; some have dropped in pools and some may accidentally drop in toilets. Yikes! The phone has become like a family no no it has become one of the body parts for us. Nowadays there are a new term water-resistant phones what does that mean, that the phone can also have a good shower? But that won't guarantee when it comes to submerging the phone in water. So, I have come through a few tips to increase the probability of the phone making it through the mishaps mentioned above. 

The first aid: 

1.Grab the phone immediately from the water, don’t make it stay for too long.

2.Switch off your phone.

3.Use a dry cloth or microfibre towel to wipe it clean using 99% isopropyl alcohol(FYI-don’t drink it).

Remove SIM, memory card, batter if possible. 


1.Don’t use a hairdryer to dry out the phone. 

2.Don’t put it in the microwave. 

3.Don’t plug it in to charge.

4.Don’t blow into the device or speaker grill.

What Next... 

Do you know OLD IS GOLD, yes, the old rice trick? Uncooked rice is the natural absorber, that sucks all the moisture out of the phone and makes the phone dry. Instead, you may also try silica gel packets. 

But what to do when you are outside, here is the cool hack,


A web tool developed by Joseph Maxim is similar to apple watch’s built-in water ejection feature. This tool really helps whenever there is urgent work to go. Whenever you press the button, it plays a specific tone that is so annoying which generates sound waves that eject all the water from the phone. This tool not only ejects water but also moves small objects stuck in speakers. So if you're not using a water-resistant smartphone, you can quickly intervene. Though it is a web application you should have a good internet.


Go through this and give it a try, it will really help you.

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