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Lay’s Rolled out An AI-Bot ("Lay’s Crispy Subtitles") That Turns On The Subtitles While You Snack...!

 Lay’s Rolled out An AI-Bot ("Lay’s Crispy Subtitles") That Turns On The Subtitles While You Snack...!

Lay's launched and came up with a Creative and fun AI-Bot in the form of a Chrome extension that it can detect and analyze 'MUNCHING SOUNDS'. Everyone in this pandemic situation mostly spent time in munching or snaking.


But some times munching the crunchy snacks makes it difficult to hear the audio while you are watching any video but Lay's came with a solution that is a chrome extension that will automatically turns on subtitles when it detects any crunchy sound.

This update designed by Bliss Interactive, a Vietnam-based design studio, and happiness Saigon, the ad agency that represents Lay's.

Most of the people spent on munching Lay's who were quarantined at home, so while watching anything It might be a great problem that we may pause the video it is a convenience if there’s a solution to it.


To achieve this great solution Happiness Saigon trained an AI algorithm using 178 hours of recording people eating chips from all over the world.  Bleeping Computer tried out the extension and was pleasantly surprised by how the extension immediately turned on YouTube captions when our microphone picked up the noisy sound of eating chips.

When this crispy subtitles extension is at work it will briefly display the logo of the extension in the top right corner of a video this will not only work on eating chips it may work on munching any other crunchy food items

It aims to solve a common problem and make easy one small aspect or thing of our lives. Some might say that giving an extension access to the microphone is intrusive, but with technology, you have to pick your side. The extension is called "Lay’s Crispy Subtitles" and it’s up for downloads on the Chrome Web Store.

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