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TapNCharge Your Mobile (Wireless) Interesting To Hear Right....!!

 TapNCharge Your Mobile Interesting to hear right....!!

We everyone might so fed-up with charging our phones every time, daily we need to carry our chargers, power banks, connecters it some times really creates irritation, and where there is no proper sockets available its hard to connect charger, and not only that always plugging-in and out activity may damage the charging port of mobile and overheating of adapter or mobile this may effect your battery over come all those issues...

Now we can just come across by this situation, We all have one great solution for this 'TapNcharge wireless charging pads'.

it's time to start deploying wireless charging pads in all the strategic and problematic situations/locations: bedside, desk, end table , Bus stops , populated areas , and manymore...

This is really pretty cool that it makes things easier This makes especially great for travel. It not only easy to handle it also supports fast charging of up to 10 watts and charging cable, which is integrated and wraps up inside the pad, This is really great.

There are many more benefits by using this wireless route. It has ability to charge 3 devices at a time and all the six coils inside the charger make the things ease that you can just keep your phone any where on the pad and need not to keep at correct position. There is an LED light which indicates how things are happening if it is RED it indicates charging, if flashing RED it indicates some error, if GREEN it indicates charging is completed. 

By this great solution we can just give a good ending to our long day.

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