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What if You could Store All of the World's Data By Using a DNA....Sounds Great!!!

Could you store all of your computer files in DNA.....

The answer is YES...!! We can

We live in a world that mostly relies on increasingly on digital data day-by-day the data is going on increasing Every picture you take, every snapchat you send, every Instagram you post, every message that you text in this way it is going on increasing and creates more and more data. And definitely we need to have some place to store all that data.

We usually store all of that data in many different ways through out our history everything from books, files to floppy disks and tapes and drives and then at present we are using cloud storage all these are different storage methods that take up the physical space on your desks that may the hard disk next to our computer or it may be some server farm where large companies use from where we've bought space from the cloud 

But as the data is increasing more and more it is definitely hard to store the data and some or the other it may definitely lead to a problematic situation.

You Know what one gram of salt's DNA could potentially store the same amount of information that 1,00,000 number of 2-terabyte Hard drives stores.... that's soo crazy....!!

Yes it makes sense... DNA can hold all the data or instructions that you give and it does all this with just 4 little letters or bases A,T,C and G.

So what if we could take computer files composed of binary zeros and ones, and turn them into A's, T's, C's and G's and we can store all our files in DNA rather than storing in something like drives...

Well, a few months ago, a couple of researchers at the New York Genome Center, Dr.Yaniv Erlich and Dina Zeilinski did it and achieved it and they named that project as "DNA FOUNTAIN".

We can use DNA storage because DNA has two huge advantages:

1) It's been around for a really long time.

2)It can last really long time, it's pretty stable for hundreds, even thousands of years. 

we can just recover the meaningful information from DNA  found 1,00,000 years ago.  We can just fit a lot of data into DNA.

As we mentioned we can readily store all the world's data in the back of a car, if we were to use DNA.

This project is called as "DNA Fountain" ,  because of the encoding Scheme. The reason is that package of Data in the DNA in a certain way, into something like droplets.

We can just basically randomly chop up our data as 0's and 1's and package it into these DNA droplets by using some encoding schemes we are able to translate these 0's and 1's into A's, T's, C's and G's. It just looks like a Directory of files on your computer and Zip it up. Once the file is ready with these A's, T's, C's and G's we can just send this to a DNA synthesis company. And then about two weeks, we had a standard microtube and it contained Lyophilized DNA its like a dried up DNA in the tube so in this way we can store the Data in DNA and We can just store this DNA any where like in a cool, dark place.

So instead of big rooms of computer servers, we can replace this with freezers with DNA.

We can again restore the same data by sending the DNA into sequencer and we get file with A's, T's, C's and G's and we can convert them into again 0's and 1's and we got our data..... 

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