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Telangana to have India's Largest Floating Solar Power Plant :

 Telangana to have India's Largest Floating Solar Power Plant :

This year Telangana to be boast of country's largest Floating Solar Plant. Which can generate the electricity of capacity 100MW. 


Plant will be built on sri ram sagar project reservoir. By this end of the may-end this year. Project construction by MAHARATNA NTPC.

It costs around 423cr with 4.5lac photovoltaic panels and spread over 450 acres of water surface area in the NTPC. It is cost-effective than ground

mounted solar power plants.

Floating Solar Plants: 

1) It is use of photovoltaic panels placed on the top of the large water bodies. 

2) These are fixed to buoyant in structure prevents the panels to go under the water due to weights.

3) These floating solar power panels are suitable to basins and lakes and are not suitable to oceans because of intense waves.


1. Usage of land space

2. We can reduce overheating by evaporation.


1. Too cost

2.  During floods time it may disturbed.

Upcoming projects on Floating Solar Panels:

1. By the  end of the year  92 MW floating unit in Kayamkulam gas plant in Kerala.

2. 25 MW unit at Simhadri power plant.

3. 230 MW ground mounted solar power plant in Ettayapuram near Tuticorin in Tamil Nadu will be constructed  by the end of  2022.

Successful projects so far:

1) Apart from this, NTPC totally installed capacity of about 9,125 MW of total capacity of 64,880 MW, including joint ventures, is in the process of

implementing two 800 MW coal-fired thermal power projects in Ramagundam.


2) First phase of the project will be constructed by jan2022 and remaining phase by mar2022     

due to pandemic the  project is delayed.

3) The world’s largest floating solar power plant to be mooted so far is the 600MW project to be set up on the Om kareshwar dam on river Narmada in Khandwa district of Madhya Pradesh.

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